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When you compare general residential roofing to the arena of Multi-family housing, there is much to consider when hiring a roofing contractor.

Condo associations, Apartment Complexes, and Home Owner Associations all have one major thing in common- it isn’t traditionally the choice of a single owner to make a decision. Some choices involving renovations may take multiple meetings, presentations, and at the end- a vote. We want you to vote for PRG.

We are the experts in our field when it comes to HOA and Multi-family roofing projects. Our Multi-family staff is trained to interact efficiently with HOA board members, Multi-State Developers, and General Contractors. Always with education and service in mind. We just need you to ask us one question: “Why are you the best value for our money.”

Whether you are looking for work to be done to a condominium, apartment building/complex, or townhouse development, let us show you the PRG difference. And with our buying power, let us show you why it makes sense financially. We are one of the largest roofing, gutter, and insulation companies in the Treasure Valley region. When it comes to multi-family construction, if you need it, we can take care of it for you. Whether it is a one-man repair job, or you need a crew of 100+, we can handle all of your needs – with ease, speed, accuracy, and professionalism. Take a look at what we bring to the table:


As expert roofing contractors, Paradigm Roofing is certified to install most shingle manufacturer’s systems. We can repair or replace your entire shingle roofing system as well. Our installers are certified and PRG is the Preferred Contractor. We use only brands that have a track record of proven reliability. If we haven’t personally used a product for 15 years, we won’t sell it you. This is what it means to define the standard of excellence-this allows us to live up to our name. For a Lifetime.


When you need a roof completed that protects a lot of square feet, turn to us. PRG is qualified to handle the following types of flat roofing:

  • Rubber- Typically black in color, EPDM rubber is a very reliable roofing material.
  • TPO- This type of roofing material is very economical to install and uses a single-ply membrane. The white thermoplastic membrane features heat-welded seams for the ultimate protection from leaks, and energy conservation as well.


Maintenance does not stop at roofing installation; and we understand that. This is why Paradigm Roofing offers you the total package. In addition to satisfying your roofing replacement needs, we also offer roofing maintenance plans. Let’s make sure the roofing system you have lives its life to the fullest. When it’s ready to be replaced, let’s build value by providing a customized roofing system up to current codes and standards. Let’s also include free yearly drain inspections to keep dangerous water weight off of the roof, and into the drainage system. It’s standard, and it’s free. Just one more way we save you money and define better value.

Thousands of satisfied customers can attest to our commitment to quality and excellence. With open book pricing, we have no secrets. And with the best warranty in the business, our responsibility to protect you and your property goes beyond installation – it lasts for as long as you own your property!

CONTACT US TODAY by submitting a request for a Free Estimate or Inspection. You can call us at the phone number listed above. See for yourself the difference that our multi-family construction experts can make for your property!


“Paradigm Roofing devotes more than 50% of its work to multi-family construction and commercial roofing clients.”

Paradigm Roofing has been in the business of protecting homes and buildings for residential and commercial property owners for years. And, when it comes to multi-family construction, we have the understanding and knowledge to take care of your various building needs. As a multi-family dwelling owner, your top priorities are to satisfy your tenants and maintain your investment. Our top priority is you and the protection our roof offers your property.


Request a Free Estimate, or call us anytime at the phone number listed above. Discover the difference that our Multi family roofing experts can make for your property!