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Paradigm Roofing Group specializes in residential and commercial storm damage repair services. If you have had hail or wind damage to your home or business, quick assessment and repair is necessary to prevent further damage.

Severe weather can threaten Trust Valley area with its aftermath impacting your home, commercial building or your family. Recovering from storm or any disaster can be stressful and traumatic experience. This is why we take everything seriously. We relieve you from the traumatic experience and get your life back on track with our efficient storm damage repair services.

Tornado or hurricane can wreak havoc on your property, affecting its structural integrity. Strong winds and heavy debris can damage your gutters and downspouts. We understand the emergency nature of this situation which is why we have 24/7 Emergency service on standby. At times like this, we want to respond immediately to your concern and ensure that your property and life is restored back to what they were before the disaster.

It only takes one call and our emergency response team will be knocking in your door in no time. We are highly adaptable to unforeseen situations. We assess the damage and quickly act to prevent it from getting worse. Our highly trained staff utilize sophisticated technology to fix and restore your property. We can deliver quality roofing to protect your home from further damage. Our contractors can help with your restoration needs whether it’s installing gutters or a clean up. We want to get you back on your daily routine and move forward from the disaster.

Contact us for a free weather damage inspection and we will work with your insurance company to help assist you with processing your claim. Fill out the form below to receive a FREE estimate on emergency storm damage repair services.


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